The Whipping Boy Summary

What? Prince Brat wants to run away from his castle and father with Jemmy, his whipping boy. Man, is Jemmy going to have a hard time. Prince Brat, an irresponsible boy that doesn't pay attention to learning and to be polite. Jemmy is a son of a rat catcher and when his father died guards found him on the streets and made Jemmy into Prince Horace's( aka Prince Brat) whipping boy. Prince Brat and Jemmy go on a adventure where they become friends and begin to know more about each other. Jemmy tries to get the prince back to the castle and get away from the cutthroats: Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cuttwater. Prince Brat relieves Jemmy's plans 3 times and Jemmy is sick about it. But then the Jemmy figures out the reason why Prince Brat wanted to leave the castle in the first place. Jemmy had a secret admirer which was Prince Brat, he thought Jemmy was tough about refusing to moan and bawl when being whipped. Prince Brat really liked being a street kid because it was exciting. But the whole time Prince Brat didn't know that his father wanted the same thing he wanted but then he was the King.

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