Book Bytes October 2009

Here is my book talk video.

Slawter by Darren Shan

I finished reading the book Slawter by Darren Shan on October 6th 2009. I think this was a Just Right book because I didn't know a few words and I was interested in the book. It was scary and disturbing/disgusting but it was very descriptive so I could picture it like a movie. I wish it was a made into movie. When I can picture it in my head then it's really hard to put down. This made me feel like I could describe anything with great detail.

The three main characters I want to choose are Lord Loss, Dervish and Grubbs. Lord Loss barely changes because he's always cruel and sneaky. He still enjoys torturing people and their souls. But Lord Loss has changed a little because he doesn't enjoy his kills and torments as much. He's more furious than chuckley now. Dervish has changed since the first book, Lord Loss. Because he starts to have nightmares about demons(which isn't normal becauese he has been fighting demons since he was 20 years old)and going pysco. Dervish has a sense of humor but kind of the nasty/freaky sense of humor. I geuss Dervish was mezmorized so he wasn't thinking right when he let Davida Haym bring in a real life demon into the set. Grubbs, well I would HATE to be him. He witnessed his family being slaughtered and body parts around his bedroom floor. But it is pretty cool to have magical powers. He must be so scared to live in the same house as Dervish because Dervish might come into his room and harm him in his sleep. And maybe annoyed because dervish might not listen because he knows that Dervish has seen alot more in the demon worlds that him. but still he has seen alot more than he should already.

Well the problem wasn't really resolved because Lord Loss is still alive and many people died but Dervish, Grubbs and a handful of survivors survived. I would change that to; Beranabus, Shark, Sharmila and Kernel would come out of a window and help Dervish and Grubbs defeat all the demons. They would just slauter all the demons. Because the it would be the end of the demons because Lord Loss is dead and he's the demon lord. I think the message to the stories: Lord Loss and Demon Thief is about sticking with family and old friends that fight along side you.