The Single Shard

Recently I have finished the book A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. This book made me feel like I barely did anything in my life because Tree-ear had such a great journey to honor his potter so he could be a potter and made me realize that I am very lucky because I'm not a orphan or having to make a journey that may mean costing my life just to get honor from a potter. This made me think up a connection to life today. People work for other people that work for other people so the boss can push them around. This connects to this story because people have to go to great lengths just to get respect from somebody. This is a just right for me because the vocabulary was not complicated and not easy because only a couple of the words were unknown to me.

I think the two main characters in this story are Tree-ear and the potter Min. Tree-ear has changed all over the story but has had the same goal all the through the story. Tree-ear has changed by working for Min because he realizes the process and difficulty of making pots. At first he thought that every pot of Min's was perfect but as the story goes along Tree-ear understand more about pots and it's long and difficult process that needs perfection. Tree- thinks that Min is treating him like a 5 year-old and like a slave so he gets very annoyed but he didn't how annoyed when Min didn't make a perfect vase. Actually Tree-ear benefited of the hard work because all the spading for clay and cutting of wood made him a more burly man. All he wanted to learn was how to make a pot but he was learning all along. How to drain clay was to make it perfect so it would made into a pot. The wood needed to kiln the pots and how to kiln them. He also started to examine the clay when draining because he figured out the importance of perfect clay so he would drain more times and more carefully with passion. Because if your passion in the things you make then the better it'll be. But thoughts confused him also changed him through the story. First was when he got the job for working for Min with no pay but with good food. Then when the Min's wife made a deal with Tree-ear that she'll give more food if he'd call her 'Ajima' which mean Auntie(which is a great honor) instead of 'Honorable potters wife'. Tree-ear always helped 'Ajima' with weed pulling. And on his journey he thought about many things before and after the pots were broken and if Min would call him dishonorable. After the journey his best friend/step dad had died but Min and 'Ajima' would adopt him and call him son of their own. This was the best thing that had happened to him but his step dad had just died so he didn't know what to think. Min changed because of Tree-ear, he made Min get softer and softer towards Tree-ear through the story but he also thought of Tree-ear as his son who didn't want to be a potter but now he has a son that does.

I think the problem is Tree-ear completing his journey and the problem was resolved by Tree-ear finding the one piece of the pots that showed Emissionary Kim all the special and skillful workings of the pot. This resolution made me feel happy because Tree-ear was overjoyed and I felt happy and he was so lucky because he could still tell Min that his pots earned him a commission. The thing I would change is at the end instead of it ending in his thoughts I would end it with Tree-ear being waken by his knew father and mother by calling him son and after breakfast Min would teach how to make a pot. But also giving Crane-man a funeral and a burial ground under the bridge so they'd remember him always. I would do this because then it could be a happy ending istead of a confusing one. I think the author's message is if you have a desire to do something that will give you great honor in return you'll try your hardest to achieve it.

Jackie & Me by Dan Gutman

I have just finished the book Jackie & Me by Dan Gutman. This made me feel like everyone had their own special power but it's not like physically but internally. So I might have a power in me and it's like my charm. And that's how this book connected to me and these connections helped me understand the book more by life experience. This was a just right for me because I knew most of the words but some did confuse me.

I think the two main characters would be Joe Stoshack a.k.a. Stosh and Jackie Robinson because the story is based on Jackie and the big main character is Stoshack. Stoshack had temper issues so when the first game of the season he was up and the other team started to tease him and make him mad and he got mad and charged the mound because the pitcher was the one who said the worst things. After he charged the mound the rest of his team to help him and so did the other team to help their pitcher and when the umpires broke it up Stosh got suspended from little league until the last game. One day at school his teacher told the class to write a report on an African-American person who made history. His teacher especially told Stoshack not to write about some African-American baseball player because he was a fanatic and had gotten away with other assignments on baseball players. So he scanned through a list of famous African-American people to find someone interesting and found the famous Jackie Robinson. Jackie was the first African-American to ever play baseball with white people. Stoshack changed in the story when he met Jackie. He changed because Jackie told him not to lose his temper because that's what people want sometimes and that's what Jackie did. Not to lose his temper and when he got on base he taunted the pitcher by telling him he was going to steal a base and when ever the pitcher would try to pick him off he would always get back just before the ball reached the first baseman. Also every time he got back up he edged a little closer to second base until the pitcher got sick of trying to pick him off. Basically Jackie was mind boggling the pitcher instead of losing his temper. So he took all the sickness on his pitch so he trough a wild pitch and Jackie took off to second the nano-second the pitcher started his windup so he made an easy steal and then he realized the ball went past the catcher so he went to third. But what he didn't notice was that the ball had rebounded off the backstop so the catcher scooped it up and fired it to third before Jackie made so he turned and went back to second but then second baseman had so he was in a pickle. But Jackie had an on/off switch so he kept on going back and forth until all the players on the field were in to get him out. They were trying to get him out so badly they forgot to get out the player in front of him so he scored a run and they all fell over each other 'cause they were so close to each other. so he got to third safely. And the Dodgers cheered for him. and then Jackie also taunted the pitcher that he was going to steal home and that's what he did. So Stoshack had his last game and taunted the same pitcher and scored and won the game. Jackie changed by teaching Stoshack about how to controlling himself.

The problem is that African-Americans didn't get treated equally and Jackie changed that because baseball is local and if does the same things as a white then they have to be treated the same. And if I could change the ending I would make it so that Stoshack brought the suitcase full of old baseball cards and bring it back to his own time and have a fortune. I think the moral of this story is to control you temper and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

I just finished the book Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. This book made me feel like when I am in doubt I should believe that there's always a way for hope to work its mysterious way. One time when I was five I was looking at a teddy bear at the supermarket and when I turned back I couldn't see my family anywhere! So I started to cry and get nervous that I would never see my family again but then after 1 minute I found them. This was a close connection by Michael really kept his hopes up for way longer than I did but it's close enough. This helped me read the book by the experience I had about getting loss and the anxiousness of seeing my family again. This was a "Just Right Book" for me because I understood most of it and I could read this book in depth.

The 2 most important characters in this book I think would be Kensuke and Michael. I think Michael has been through a lot for a 12 year old boy if I say so myself. First he flipped over his family's boat the night before his 12 birthday and his mom was sick and his dad was exhausted so there was no one to save him and he had no time to scream for help because the water came in his mouth when it was open. He was stranded out in the middle of the ocean watching his boat get carried away by waves. Then he got stuck on a stranded island trying to search for food and water but not having luck finding anything so he's separated from his family, stranded on a island starving and suffering but still alive. At first when he got to the island when he was on the beach he finds a fire glass and he has a idea of making a fire to tell sailors out there that he is on the island. So he a builds a fire with big, dry leaves and twigs. So when he was back from getting extra leaves he sees an orangutan through sand on the fire and extinguishing it. Then Michael starts yelling at him for putting out his fire but the orangutan started yelling, "Dameda, dameda!" But it turns out it's a man/Kensuke who got stranded on the island for many, many years because he was fighting the World War and his aircraft carrier got bombed and he was the only survivor so he steered it to the nearest island and unloaded the things he needed to survive. Then he bonded with the animals especially to the orangutans. After years the animals started to trust him and pretended that he was one of them. So when Kensuke saw Michael on shore he didn't want him on his island. But after a long time they started to bond together and like each other. So they both changed with each other together but Kensuke had a sad side, when he was fighting the Americans bombed Nagasaki where his family lived so he was so heart broken that he didn't dare to go back. And Michael was longing to see his mom and dad. So Michael reminded Kensuke of his son and Kensuke was like an uncle to Michael so they were like family.

I think the ending was good when the Peggy Sue showed up and Michael's parents were back but the one thing I want to change is in the end Kensuke goes back with them, and take him to Nagasaki to see his family and they reunite together too. And just in case he brings one of the orangutans with him so he'll never forget the animals he spent a lot of time with. I think the message of the story is to not to give up hope no matter what because there is always someway of getting out of the situation.

Bunnicula meets Edgar Allen Crow by James Howe

I just finished reading the book Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow by James Howe. This book made me feel that animals had great imagination and think in funny ways. My connection to this book is that you can't over-estimate someone like Chester( the cat) did to M.T. Graves( aka Miles Tanner). I over-estimated my 5-year-old cousin, I thought he was going to be bratty and distubing little boy but turned out he was fun and we were like each other so we had fun together. But he can get annoying, sometimes. This help me read because it help me geuss what will come up next. This was a just right for me because I got in depth in the book.

The two characters I want to pick are Chester and Harold because one, Harold is the one writing the book so Harold is the first person. And Chester because he's the one making things difficult. I'm start with Harold (because of you Mr. Daw), Harold is a regular old dog that's lazy and food loving pet that's humorous ways that seem like animal humor. Harold is the dog that changes words into something about food. But the only problem about Harold is that Chester messes with his brain. Chester is a cat that is to smart for its kind. He reads and makes graphs, occasionally visits the encyclopedia to explain words to Harold that he doesn't know the meaning of. Chester is the animal that sees the dark side of people before the bright side. But deep inside Chester is a warm-hearted animal that loves the animals around him that's like family to him.

The story ended by Miles marrying Ms. Pickles and moving in next to the Monroes. The change I would've made was Miles being a writing teacher to work near Ms. Pickles.This would help because then Pete and Tobe won't only see Miles in the morning but at school as well. I think the theme of the story is anyone could have night mares that disturbs them and authors can make things up to give the readers an idea of the writing.

Sign of the Beaver

Matt, a young boy from Maine has to take care of his father's cabin, field of crops, gun and property. While his father is gone to get the rest of his family,(wife, daughter and new born baby)Matt has to take care of the cabin. One day while Matt saw a figure coming towards him, at first he thought it was an Indian but as the shadow came closer the figure tuned out to be a white man. This man was named Ben, Matt didn't want to be impolite so he invited him in for supper and let him stay over night. It turns out that Ben left early with his fathers rifle which was meant for hunting and Ben never came back. So Matt just does his daily work but has to eat fish because he had no rifle to hunt animals. By getting to anxious he went to a bee tree and disturbed them and stung him many times.

The Whipping Boy Summary

What? Prince Brat wants to run away from his castle and father with Jemmy, his whipping boy. Man, is Jemmy going to have a hard time. Prince Brat, an irresponsible boy that doesn't pay attention to learning and to be polite. Jemmy is a son of a rat catcher and when his father died guards found him on the streets and made Jemmy into Prince Horace's( aka Prince Brat) whipping boy. Prince Brat and Jemmy go on a adventure where they become friends and begin to know more about each other. Jemmy tries to get the prince back to the castle and get away from the cutthroats: Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cuttwater. Prince Brat relieves Jemmy's plans 3 times and Jemmy is sick about it. But then the Jemmy figures out the reason why Prince Brat wanted to leave the castle in the first place. Jemmy had a secret admirer which was Prince Brat, he thought Jemmy was tough about refusing to moan and bawl when being whipped. Prince Brat really liked being a street kid because it was exciting. But the whole time Prince Brat didn't know that his father wanted the same thing he wanted but then he was the King.

Jake Drake Class Clown by Andrew Clements

The book I finished is Jake Drake Class Clown by Andrew Clements. This book reminded me about myself now except in the book Jake is in second grade not fifth grade. I really connected to this book because I usually make jokes in class and I like it when people laugh because of me. It makes me feel that I'm really funny and it gives me a good feeling when people laugh. This really helps me with reading because if I have a strong connection it makes me understand the story better.

I think Jake and Ms.Bruce are probably the most important in the book because they change the most and get mentioned the most. I think Jake changed the most because he was just a regular kid and all of a sudden thinks the only way he would see Ms.Bruce smile was to be Jake Drake class clown. The first joke he made was there was a spelling bee in the class. He was suppose to say: mouse, m-o-u-s-e, mouse. But he did mouse, m-i-c-k-e-y, mouse in the high squeaky voice of Mickey Mouse. This made Ms.Bruce furious or did it? Behind the sitting chart was a smile! It turns out that Ms. Bruce is a really nice person but her teacher said, "Don't smile until Christmas" Because if she smiles and the class knows it then the class goes wild. And that's what happened. Ms.Bruce changed by being a very strict teacher without a smile to a teenage girl that likes to smtile and thinks Jake's a cutie.

The problem was resolved by Ms.Bruce, Mrs.Brattle and Jake talking. They just had a talk and everything went back to normal. The thing I would've changed is that Ms.Bruce would be able to smile without everyone going wild and Jake can still be Jake Drake Class Clown.