Jackie & Me by Dan Gutman

I have just finished the book Jackie & Me by Dan Gutman. This made me feel like everyone had their own special power but it's not like physically but internally. So I might have a power in me and it's like my charm. And that's how this book connected to me and these connections helped me understand the book more by life experience. This was a just right for me because I knew most of the words but some did confuse me.

I think the two main characters would be Joe Stoshack a.k.a. Stosh and Jackie Robinson because the story is based on Jackie and the big main character is Stoshack. Stoshack had temper issues so when the first game of the season he was up and the other team started to tease him and make him mad and he got mad and charged the mound because the pitcher was the one who said the worst things. After he charged the mound the rest of his team to help him and so did the other team to help their pitcher and when the umpires broke it up Stosh got suspended from little league until the last game. One day at school his teacher told the class to write a report on an African-American person who made history. His teacher especially told Stoshack not to write about some African-American baseball player because he was a fanatic and had gotten away with other assignments on baseball players. So he scanned through a list of famous African-American people to find someone interesting and found the famous Jackie Robinson. Jackie was the first African-American to ever play baseball with white people. Stoshack changed in the story when he met Jackie. He changed because Jackie told him not to lose his temper because that's what people want sometimes and that's what Jackie did. Not to lose his temper and when he got on base he taunted the pitcher by telling him he was going to steal a base and when ever the pitcher would try to pick him off he would always get back just before the ball reached the first baseman. Also every time he got back up he edged a little closer to second base until the pitcher got sick of trying to pick him off. Basically Jackie was mind boggling the pitcher instead of losing his temper. So he took all the sickness on his pitch so he trough a wild pitch and Jackie took off to second the nano-second the pitcher started his windup so he made an easy steal and then he realized the ball went past the catcher so he went to third. But what he didn't notice was that the ball had rebounded off the backstop so the catcher scooped it up and fired it to third before Jackie made so he turned and went back to second but then second baseman had so he was in a pickle. But Jackie had an on/off switch so he kept on going back and forth until all the players on the field were in to get him out. They were trying to get him out so badly they forgot to get out the player in front of him so he scored a run and they all fell over each other 'cause they were so close to each other. so he got to third safely. And the Dodgers cheered for him. and then Jackie also taunted the pitcher that he was going to steal home and that's what he did. So Stoshack had his last game and taunted the same pitcher and scored and won the game. Jackie changed by teaching Stoshack about how to controlling himself.

The problem is that African-Americans didn't get treated equally and Jackie changed that because baseball is local and if does the same things as a white then they have to be treated the same. And if I could change the ending I would make it so that Stoshack brought the suitcase full of old baseball cards and bring it back to his own time and have a fortune. I think the moral of this story is to control you temper and treat others the way you want to be treated.