Jake Drake Class Clown by Andrew Clements

The book I finished is Jake Drake Class Clown by Andrew Clements. This book reminded me about myself now except in the book Jake is in second grade not fifth grade. I really connected to this book because I usually make jokes in class and I like it when people laugh because of me. It makes me feel that I'm really funny and it gives me a good feeling when people laugh. This really helps me with reading because if I have a strong connection it makes me understand the story better.

I think Jake and Ms.Bruce are probably the most important in the book because they change the most and get mentioned the most. I think Jake changed the most because he was just a regular kid and all of a sudden thinks the only way he would see Ms.Bruce smile was to be Jake Drake class clown. The first joke he made was there was a spelling bee in the class. He was suppose to say: mouse, m-o-u-s-e, mouse. But he did mouse, m-i-c-k-e-y, mouse in the high squeaky voice of Mickey Mouse. This made Ms.Bruce furious or did it? Behind the sitting chart was a smile! It turns out that Ms. Bruce is a really nice person but her teacher said, "Don't smile until Christmas" Because if she smiles and the class knows it then the class goes wild. And that's what happened. Ms.Bruce changed by being a very strict teacher without a smile to a teenage girl that likes to smtile and thinks Jake's a cutie.

The problem was resolved by Ms.Bruce, Mrs.Brattle and Jake talking. They just had a talk and everything went back to normal. The thing I would've changed is that Ms.Bruce would be able to smile without everyone going wild and Jake can still be Jake Drake Class Clown.

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