Bunnicula meets Edgar Allen Crow by James Howe

I just finished reading the book Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow by James Howe. This book made me feel that animals had great imagination and think in funny ways. My connection to this book is that you can't over-estimate someone like Chester( the cat) did to M.T. Graves( aka Miles Tanner). I over-estimated my 5-year-old cousin, I thought he was going to be bratty and distubing little boy but turned out he was fun and we were like each other so we had fun together. But he can get annoying, sometimes. This help me read because it help me geuss what will come up next. This was a just right for me because I got in depth in the book.

The two characters I want to pick are Chester and Harold because one, Harold is the one writing the book so Harold is the first person. And Chester because he's the one making things difficult. I'm start with Harold (because of you Mr. Daw), Harold is a regular old dog that's lazy and food loving pet that's humorous ways that seem like animal humor. Harold is the dog that changes words into something about food. But the only problem about Harold is that Chester messes with his brain. Chester is a cat that is to smart for its kind. He reads and makes graphs, occasionally visits the encyclopedia to explain words to Harold that he doesn't know the meaning of. Chester is the animal that sees the dark side of people before the bright side. But deep inside Chester is a warm-hearted animal that loves the animals around him that's like family to him.

The story ended by Miles marrying Ms. Pickles and moving in next to the Monroes. The change I would've made was Miles being a writing teacher to work near Ms. Pickles.This would help because then Pete and Tobe won't only see Miles in the morning but at school as well. I think the theme of the story is anyone could have night mares that disturbs them and authors can make things up to give the readers an idea of the writing.

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  1. Good post. I think that you didn't say anything about Miles and Ms. Pickles except in the end. So I think you should have told me a bit more about Miles and Ms. Pickles. And I didn't get the part about the humans and the animals so I think you should have detailed the blog entry a bit more. Otherwise I think it was very good.